My Kaamulan Festival Henna

Just this weekend I went to Malaybalay, Bukidnon to witness the “Kaamulan festival” and watch the street dancing competition with my friends and cousin. We had to stand all the time because all the seats were already taken when we arrived there. But still we enjoy watching the street dancing showdown. After awhile we were lead to the roads where booths are located surrounding the capitol grounds. Our feet lead us to a place where henna tattoo are located. We were determined to have one, so we have to scan the pages of the sample tattoos and did choose one that fits our personality.

Accordingly, I have asked the painter of tattoo what is henna tattoo, he told me that it is the application of henna to serve as permanent form of skin decoration somewhere in the India. Henna tattoos are applied for special occasions like weddings and festivals either as a decoration for body, leg, arms, palms or feet. So I should say that my henna tattoo is not out of context but is truly a celebration with the Kaamulan Festival.

Permanent tattoos in ancient times meant that the more tattoos you have will either be treated with respect or have fought, conquered and has killed people in a battle. In turn men who have tattoos will be admired by women however it may not be true today.

sweet paradox!

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who are”

Lately I came across a situation where I wonder if said phrase still holds true. To begin with, I am woman now in my adult years and I clearly remember way back then due to the nature of my parent’s job we had to transfer from one place to another. It does bother me a lot because whenever we transfer,  it means to say I had to bid goodbye to friends I came along and play with. Transferring from one school to another was also part of my routine and with that I should say I have gained a lot of friends than one could ever imagine. From grade school, high school and college except during my law school years that I transferred school.

With said events of my life, there is one thing I am really certain of,  I left some friends from places I went to (even if they feel otherwise!) whenever me and my family moved out. Why is that so? because once a person get to know and chatted with me I just don’t share something but I shared a part of me to that person. Or sometimes because they are friends with my friends so they eventually became my friends and become part of me.

Truly, those friends I have gained either from my past or present life gave me more than I have and create a certain bond that could never be broken except when that person wanted to leave that space in your life. However, with all of them in my life sometimes it is never easy especially that some and most of them are far from me physically but what is also certain is that they all have a friend in me wherever they may be.

With all the friends I have may it be present or past a part or even an inch of them I kept within my heart and treasure it forever, if that is all I can do. They are indeed a treasure that I will be proud of for the rest of my life despite all their imperfections (and this holds true to me too) because for me they are imperfectly perfect in my eyes.

Now tell me who I am with all the friends I have? Does this mean that I am all those persons packed into one? Then what does this line tells us then? What a sweet paradox!

res ipsa loquitor


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